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The Broken Series

Am Erotic Romance

 RELEASE DATE: July 31st

The nightmares never stop. Love and happiness is just an illusion, a Fairy Tale. Men, all men, want one thing, sex and then they leave.

At least that’s how it is for Jaden Smith. She lost her father at the age of 9, the only man who truly loved her.  Her mother used and manipulated her while teaching her younger sister how to trap a man.

At the age of 20, she finally escaped. She started to believe in love and happiness again. Until her mother and sister took it all away, again. Jaden now believes she is broken and beyond repair. Yet, she prays that maybe, just maybe, one day… Just Breathe

Nightmares for Chase Daniels occurred during the day. Money hungry woman coming at him, all day every day. Love and happiness is just an illusion, a Fairy Tale.

Samantha broke him. She crushed his heart and world. He swore that he would never let any woman close enough to hurt him again. Yet, he prays that maybe, just maybe, one day… Just Breathe

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Her Hidden Desire (The Incubi Series) Book 2

Their Love Was Forbidden…

Their Desire Was Hot…


Lindsey Kane is a Succubus. She was banished to Earth more than three centuries ago after an Incubus, Nate Sanders, was accused of being the start of the rebellion.

She has hidden a part of herself that is forbidden in her old world, she is in love with a Human.

Banished Incubi are not allowed to live a true life on Earth. The Elders will put the loved one to death if any dare.

Nate has fallen in love and declared that this is the beginning of the rebellion, there will be a war.

Lindsey finally has the courage to go after the one she needs…

Steven Douglas has had it with hiding how he feels for Lindsey. He is in love with her.

Seeing her every day at work is murder. He can see she is troubled and he vows to find out why, even if it kills him.

Steven finally has the courage to go after the one he wants…

He may just get more than he bargained for…

Her Hidden Desire Book 2 Front Cover

Her Hidden Desire Book 2 Back Cover

Her Hidden Desire Book 2 Full Cover


Their Forbidden Desire (The Incubi Series) Book 1

A Paranormal Romance

Their love was forbidden…

Their desire was red hot…

New York, 2020


Reality is a harsh friend, even for an Incubus.

Nate Sanders, a turned Incubus, finds that his life is shit. He was sent to Earth, many centuries ago, to seduce women in the hopes of filling the world with enough half-breeds to take it over.

Nate, after several years, decided enough was enough. Humans, once you got to know them, weren’t that bad.

Life for him has grown cold and lonely.


Reality is even harsher for a Human.

Melody Andrews is a shy and lonely twenty-seven year old. Her family is falling apart, her friends have deserted her, and she is running scared.

She had always dreamed of a life she knew could never be.

She has seen him, the unknown man, many times on the street. She had fantasized about him, craved his touch. She was too damn shy to say anything.

Life for her had grown cold and lonely.


Fate brings Melody and her stranger together, but will the ones who rule the Incubus’s world tear them apart? Will Nate be in time to save the woman he loves?

Hell on Earth will become a reality.

Their Forbidden Desire Front CoverTheir Frobidden Desire Back CoverTheir Forbidden Desire Full Cover


Cover Reveal for Book 2 in the Invasion Trilogy, The Serpent Exposed

Cover Reveal- Invasion Trilogy The Serpent Exposed Book 2- Angela Fattig

May 17th at 6 PM CDT- Cover Reveal Donations. Help Angela celebrate the Reveal of her second book in the Invasion Trilogy, The Serpent Exposed.

‘Things are not what they seem to be. Jay and the world were lied to. The Aliens are not God, but what, who are they? Jay, along with his new found love, Mandi must battle forces unseen to save Earth with a faith that is barely hanging on. Mandi has a secret. Will her secret be enough to keep her alive? Or will it be enough to case her demise? Deception, Lies, False Friends, and Secrets… Is their faith strong enough? When it matters, who will fall and who will stand the test of time? Who will remain true? Is this the Biblical downfall of Man?’

Donation Form:

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 Invasion Trilogy We Are Not Alone Book 1 


‘The world in 2044, filled with hate and corruption, finds that the ‘God’ of the Bible is not what He appears to be or is ‘He’.

Dr. Jay Winder, a man with a secret unknown to even him, alongside Dr. Mandi Stevens must work with a government he disagrees with in order to save the human race from extinction.

Faced with said extinction, he finds love in a burning world filled with rubble, ash, death, and betrayal.

Does he have the strength, and can he find the will to overcome his past and vanquish the enemy in time? Or will he allow his secret and the betrayal to cause their demise?’

Quotes for Book 1:

“Have you ever had a secret so big and want so much to tell someone, but knew you couldn’t?” He asked. (Steve)

She chuckled and said, “I was thinking more of a private chat. Say your room at 9?” (Mandy)


“Sir, please don’t be sorry. Help with the solution and stop being a part of the problem.” I said. (Jay)


They are making a mockery of me. ‘Project Eden’, don’t make me laugh. They really think that naming this war will help them. I am ‘God’ and they will not be saved now.

They have made their choice and I intend to make them pay.

They will comply or they will burn, either way I will have what I want.



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