Beta Reviews

A review for Invasion Trilogy The Serpent Exposed Book 2 from a Beta Reader~~


A Gripping Sequel 


WOW! What can I say…


Following Jay and Mandi on this amazing journey of discovery and realization, and experiencing the rollercoaster ride of their lives, is exhilarating! 


To see them encounter the strife and how they handle every obstacle they come by, along with meeting the new characters is invigorating. You can’t help but feel compassion for these characters and I believe that connecting the emotions of the reader to the characters it is a very important trait in order for a novel to succeed. 


Jay and Mandi, along with the others, have grown incredibly into their characters. New insights to their backgrounds gives the reader a greater understanding for their actions and efforts.


Invasion Trilogy The Serpent Exposed Book 2 is full of surprises and for me, contained the major turning point for the trilogy (really knocked my socks off!!). 


It is a stunning continuation from the first novel.

But beware it leaves you with a cliffhanger!





‘Another great book. Couldn’t put it down. 

Leaves you wanting more. Easy to follow

and always keeping you on the edge of

your seat. Characters played well in the book.

Plot works well as it is written.’





Here is what this Beta Reader said:


‘Got me hooked!    

The first of its kind that I’ve read and I must say I’m not disappointed at all!


Mix Drama, Action, Suspense, Heartbreak – add some Love and voila…

Invasion Trilogy We Are Not Alone Book 1


A very intriguing story that hooked me from page one. You can let your imagination run wild and fall in love with the characters. My favorite characters would have to be Dr. Winder and of course Dr. Stevens (they are the main characters) and Steve and Henry. And can you say: ‘calling Morgan Freeman’ if this book makes it to the big screen having him as Mr. President is a must!


I felt as though I was witnessing everything first hand while I was reading. (But wont give any details, we don’t want to spoil it)

It always kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat. Just when you think you have it all figured out BANG – a twist, just to surprise the reader!

Definitely one to keep an eye on…. 


Can’t wait for Book 2!’




Here is what she had to say:

‘I usually don’t read outside of romance novels however I must say I was so happy that I read Invasion-We are not alone. It was well-written, blended smoothly and had me on the edge of my seat. I was intrigued from the beginning until the end. OMG what an ending, I even shouted” WTF” lol. Great read, I really loved that a love story was also incorporated and evolved during the end of the world story.

I am looking forward to the next book in this trilogy. Just brilliant!!!!’


Here is what he had to say:

‘Well written book. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down.
Believable characters with good depth. Easy to follow plot line,
Smooth writing no skipping around. Well worth the read. Can
not wait for part 2. Every ending in a chapter left you wanting more.’ 


This a is a Review based on just reading the Synopsis.

This comment is from someone on my Friend list who has ONLY read the Synopsis of My Invasion Trilogy.

‘Shit! Sounds like 2014! LOL!

But in all seriousness from an artistic point of view (me) & a fan of good literature (me) that is possibly Hollywood bound. . . sounds wickedly intriguing!’


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