Book Sales or Lack Of

As an author I know everything it takes to deliver a well written and enjoyable book. Some of us get an idea and bounce it off of our beta readers who represent our readers. If they’re crazy about it we move forward. If not we try again. Then the research, the first draft, and many more drafts until it’s perfect. We send it to our beta readers then it’s to editing. Sometimes editing can take weeks to complete. Now it’s time for events etc. to get the word out. A lot of times authors will make teasers during the writing process to build hype.

Authors have you ever heard or read a review where it says how great you are and that you’re a star in the making? How about I can’t wait until your book comes out. I’m 1-clicking it? Or I LOVE that teaser! It makes me want it NOW? Well I have and let me tell you it is depressing when on release day you have ZERO sales. What are we doing wrong? Or is it not us?

Most if not all Indie authors work full time jobs as well as write. Others are out of work and when they hear how great their work is they assume sales will be great. Readers I ask you what is it us authors can do to bring more sales in? Normally authors ask other authors but if they are having the same problems then chances are they won’t know. So tell us what you want to see but remember a lot of Indie authors rely on sales and don’t have a lot of money to play with if any at all.

So now this post is up for discussion. Again the question is:

What can authors do to please the reader and push up sales?


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