Early Release The Heart Won’t Lie Book 2 The Broken Series

Excerpt from The Heart Won’t Lie Book 2 The Broken Series

I wedged my arms between us and crossed them. Looking away, I hissed, “I can take care of myself.”

He took a deep breath before he responded, “That I don’t doubt. However, I finally found you and I’m not about to let go. You’re mine Jaden and I protect what belongs to me.”

Breaking his hold on me, I began walking away. I was beyond pissed, but I needed to get out of there. Looking over my shoulder, I said, “Fuck you Chase. I’m not a piece of fucking property.” I turned around, picked my bag up, and headed for the elevators.

“Jaden wait.” He yelled. I lifted my hand and flipped him off. “Fine, I’ll be there in a couple hours to pick you up.”

Pre-Order Now! Release September 7th





The Broken Series PromoThe Broken Series Promo 1


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