Excerpt From Just…Breathe Book 1 The Broken Series (18+ Please)

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 “I will follow her into her darkness in order to show her the light.” 

 Just…Breathe Book 1 The Broken Series 

Lies, Hurt, Betrayal, Deception, Corruption, Truth, Trust, Sex, Love, Home, Family, Murder….

This is some of what you will find in The Broken Series, an Erotic Romance.

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Excerpt from Just…Breathe Book 1 The Broken Series


I adjusted the water temperature and turned back. Stroking her cheek I asked, “We really need to be on the plane soon. I need you real bad right now. I need to be inside you and I may get a little rough. Are you ok with that?”

She licked her lips and nodded. My cock just about blew it then. I crushed her to the wall taking her mouth. She moaned ripping at my pants.  I stepped back and stripped my pants off for her and her eyes widened.

With one tug, she had her bikini top and bottoms off. I pulled her to me, taking her mouth again. Our tongues danced as I lifted her and she wrapped her legs around me.

I stepped into the shower and pressed her against the wall as I lowered her down, ramming my cock in her. She screamed and arched her back, breaking the kiss. As I pumped in and out of her, I latched onto her nipple. I nipped, pulled, and sucked her deep into my mouth.

“Chase, I’m coming,” she screamed grabbing my hair and ripping my mouth away from her breast. “Kiss me.”

I took her mouth savagely and continued to ram my cock into her as I plunged a finger into her wanting ass. Her body rocked. God she felt so good. “Baby,” I tried to say but she pulled my mouth back to hers.

Her walls began to close around me. With one finale thrust, I filled her, releasing my seed.

I held her as we continued to kiss until the need for air took us and we broke apart. I buried my face in her neck while she stroked my hair. “So that’s what rough, loving sex is,” she said between breaths.

I laughed. “Yea, something like that,” I said kissing her neck, “Time to clean up. Can you stand?”


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