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Their Forbidden Desire Book 1 The Incubi Series


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Her Hidden Desire Book 2 The Incubi Series


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Lindsey Kane is a Succubus. She was banished to Earth more than three centuries ago after an Incubus, Nate Sanders, was accused of being the start of the rebellion.

She has hidden a part of herself that is forbidden in her old world, she is in love with a Human.

Banished Incubi are not allowed to live a true life on Earth. The Elders will put the loved one to death if any dare.


Nate has fallen in love and declared that this is the beginning of the rebellion, there will be a war.


Lindsey finally has the courage to go after the one she needs…


Steven Douglas has had it with hiding how he feels for Lindsey. He is in love with her.

Seeing her every day at work is murder. He can see she is troubled and he vows to find out why, even if it kills him.


Steven finally has the courage to go after the one he wants…


He may just get more than he bargained for…





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