Fifty Shades of Fucked Up

I have heard some negativity about Fifty Shades of Grey and I wanted to put my two cents in—-

Yes there is some kinky sex in it.
Yes it has a lot of sex.

Although, I have only read books 1 & 2– The third will be read this weekend…

But look deeper—Past the sex, past the romance, there is a story there.

A man, or a boy trying to be a man, who’s past went from a nightmare to facing life in prison to being molested.

The sex it a big part of the story as the molestation is what led him to think that was how it should be. He believes he doesn’t deserve love.

He is a boy lost in a man’s body.

Now let’s look at Ana—

She’s no different than Christian. She doesn’t think too highly of herself.

She too cannot fathom why someone like Christian would want her, let alone love her.

It is about growth, finding ones self. Learning that there is more there for us, we may just need a little help seeing it.

It’s about a little boy, lost lonely, unknowingly searching for the one thing he never believed he deserved– Love…

If the sex was removed, you would still have a story. A little boy who was abused and unloved by his mother. taken in by a family who just didn’t know how to ‘fix’ him. Then he is molested and further led to believe that was the only way to show love, affection. It was the only way to regain control of his screwed up existence. His Fifty Shades of Fucked up….

Think about it next time you start to read a book. Is it really just about the sex? Or is it something deeper?


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