Meet the Crew of Invasion

Dr. Jay Winder:

Medium-Dark Brown hair
Brown Eyes
Nice, Firm Build
39 Yrs Old

Loves the stars and anything unknown
On the outside appears to be in control, complete. Inside, he is a lost, sad, and lonely man. Unsure of himself, always fighting his inner demons.
Once you allow this man into your mind, he will find his way into your heart and live, forever ❤

Jay and Mandi teaser 2Jay Teaser One Man sexy


Dr Mandi Stevens:

Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Slim, Athletic Build
26 Yrs Old

She is an old soul. Shut off to the world by her past, alone, by choice.
She is strong, when needed, but loves the attention from a man, just one man….
She will steal the scene and your heart ❤

Meet Mandi TeaserMandi sexy teaser 1


Steve Meg- Assistant to Dr. Winder

Sandy Brown Hair
Gray Eyes
Average Build
29 yrs. Old 

The funny guy, the quiet one, a flirt.

Lost, confused, this man will reach in and steal your heart ❤

Steve Teaser


Henry Shoeman- Assistant to the President

Red Hair
Blue Eyes

The strange Man. He will make you wonder, make you angry, and then make you Love him ❤

Henry Teaser


Raymond Elliot- The President

Gray Hair/Beard
Hazel Eyes
Athletic Build-Considering Age
Between 65-75 Yrs Old

Not who people think he is. This man is so much deeper and….Just read ❤

Raymond Teaser


General Thomas Tremain

Graying Hair
Green Eyes
Large/Firm Build-Powerful
in his 60’s

This man has so many layers, so many secrets… ❤

Thomas Teaser


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