Bucket List…Do you have one?

With my debut book releasing on April 29, 2014, I have done a lot of soul searching. If I make it big, making it big is not the only reason I write, but if I make it big what would I do with the money?


Easy, first thing would be to put money back for both of my daughter’s education, put some away in a savings account, and buy a home. My dream is Maine ❤


But then I thought, what about me? Now, I’m not trying to bring this across as being selfish, but both myself and Paul have put a lot of things on the back burner to please others. The day of a free ride is over!


As I sit here, 2 AM, I thought, what about a bucket list? Places I want to visit, things I want to do before I die. It is a WIP (Work in Progress), but here it is… Keep in mind I may be adding to it as I go.


Bucket List:

1. Visit Ireland

2. Visit Europe- for the culture

3. Survive on a deserted Island for a week

4. Meet Stephen King- Ya, you knew I had to put this in!

5. See Dracula’s Castle

6. Build a facility for the needy

7. Fish in the Ocean

8. Ghost Hunt

9. See the World from the top of a Mountain

10. Go on a Cruise

11. Open a Restaurant

12. See the Northern Lights

13. Visit Alaska

14. Dance in the Rain ❤

15. Learn to Dance 🙂

16. Attend a Book Signing

17. Watch my children get Married

18. have one true Friend (Other than Paul)

19. Visit the Pyramids

20. Visit Australia


I will leave you with 10, for now. Do you have a Bucket List? Would you like to share?


~~Angela ❤



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2 responses to “Bucket List…Do you have one?

  1. 1. First Kiss

    2. Find The right Guy

    3. Get Married

    4. Visit Wales, Scotland and England

    5. See the Northern Lights

    6. Visit Alaska

    7. Visit Ireland

    8. Visit New York Again

    9. Get my P’s and Full Licence

    10. Travel across Canada in a train

    11. Learn to Shoot a Bow and Arrow

    12. Learn to Dance 🙂

    13. Learn to Pole Dance

    14. Own A Springer Spaniel and a Sussex Spaniel

    15. Visit all my FB friends around the world

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    • Sounds great Louisa! I don’t know about 15, though. I have close to 900 just on my friend list, close to 800 on one Author Page, etc. LOL That one might be a little difficult for me to pull off. 🙂
      Great List!


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