Teaser from Invasion Trilogy Eden Restored Book 3

I have been fighting with myself on whether or not to post, publicly, a Teaser for Invasion Trilogy Eden Restored Book 3 since I am waiting to hear word on publishing book 1.

I finally decided to do it! Below is an unedited Teaser from Invasion Trilogy Eden Restored Book 3…Enjoy ❤ ❤ ❤


Invasion Trilogy Eden Restored Book 3

“You know you shouldn’t have done that Julie.” Lucifer said with a sneer. “God will not allow you back now. You have gone against Him. You have interfered with His plan. You have said, with your actions, that He does not know what He is doing.” Lucifer stepped closer to Julie and ran his fingers through her hair. Not once did Julie move. She will not have him see her cower.

“You are wrong.” Julie fumed. “You have always been wrong.” She shook her head. “At one time I believed that there was some good left in you. I was wrong. You are evil. If it is Jay you want then take him. Leave the others alone.” Lucifer leaned in and placed a kiss on Julie’s ear. Julie cringed on the inside.

“I believe I will.” He whispered. “I also believe I will take you as well.”

She turned to look at him. “You may take my body.” She hissed. “But you will never take my soul.” Lucifer let out a menacing laugh and gathered a handful of hair.

He pulled Julie’s head back and leaned down until their lips were touching. “You will give me whatever I demand.” He snarled.

Without flinching Julie said, “Go to Hell!” Lucifer laughed.

“Gladly…” He taunted. “And you will join me.” Lucifer took her mouth with his. This time Julie did fight back yet he was too strong. He allowed her to struggle a while longer then lifted his head.

With a smirk he said, “You are no match for me Julie. Resistance is futile I will have you, if I want you.” Julie spat in his face. Angrily he wiped it away and released her. Julie righted herself and just as Lucifer started to turn away he rounded back on her. He backhanded her across the face and Julie flew through the air.

She landed with a loud thud and touching her cheek she hissed, “You bastard! You will pay for that.” Lucifer laughed.


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