Invasion Trilogy The Serpent Exposed Book 2 Teaser

Be nice as I am still editing 🙂

Just as quickly as it started it was over. I lay there catching my breath. My body ached all over. Yet I was no longer in pain or cold. It was oddly quiet. I no longer heard the machines. I didn’t even hear Raymond or Joe.

I slowly opened my eyes to see where Joe and Raymond were and was met with darkness and emptiness. The only light was directly on me. The rest of the room was in total blackness. I was still strapped in the chair and alone. I called out, “Raymond? Joe? Hello?” Nothing, what is going on?

From somewhere out in the darkness I heard, “We told you not to be a hero. Yet you didn’t listen.”

I looked around peering into the blackness to see where that voice had come from. “Who’s there? Where am I?” I demanded to know.

A laugh. “Isn’t it obvious Jay?” The voice asked. “You’re home.”

I don’t understand. “Home? What are you talking about? Who are you? Show yourself!” I ordered.

Another laugh. “All in due time, all in due time. You are quite lucky we intervened when we did or you would be dead. You see that solution the Dr. Andrews injected into your veins was the wrong syringe. He picked it up instead of the other one that was lying right beside it.” The voice said.

As I struggled to try and free myself I asked, “How do you know this?”

“We know everything Jay. Haven’t you figured out that much yet? It also doesn’t hurt to know that we still have someone inside helping us. It is useless to try to get out of the restraints. You’re not going anywhere, at least not until we are through with you.” The voice answered.

It was my turn to laugh. “You’re afraid of me? The all mighty and powerful Alien ‘God’ is so afraid of me you have to keep me tied up. Don’t make me laugh!” I wailed.

In a loud angry voice the Alien thundered. “Do not mock us Jay as you have no idea what we can do!”

Still laughing I said, “So all mighty and powerful tell me how you became ‘God’?”

There was silence for so long I thought ‘It’ had left. The voice finally answered, “Many years ago, our people were disappearing and we needed a way to repopulate. We searched the galaxy for life on another planet and found yours. We sent our people down to mate with humans and for a long time it worked very well. Until we had several of our kind ‘turn’ and started telling others of our existence. We could not have that so we removed the problems and started anew. It was our people who gave you everything. Yet you have not shown the advancements we had hoped for and in return for our generosity you have turned our kind against us and now you must pay.”

“So it is our fault? You say it is because of you we are here and we have what we have yet it is our fault? That hardly makes any sense. It would seem to me that you are the ones to blame. If what you say is true, your people are the ones who stood in our way and it was your people who taught us to be who we are today, not humans. How dare you blame us!” I countered.

“Believe me, everything I tell you is the truth.” The voice rang out.

I chuckled. “One of the many things life has taught me is when someone says ‘believe me’ they are lying. Never such truer words than the words spoken by the ‘Devil’. You are no ‘God’.


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