Re-post of the giveaway teaser for those who missed it

Teaser: It is a WIP and not proofread or edited  Be nice but be honest 🙂

Invasion- We are not alone

“By the way, Mr. President,” I started, “We must not inform the public to this new information. If word leaked out there would be massive chaos.” The President looks at me and says, “Then what am I expected to say? That it is us again? I don’t think they are going to buy it this time. Before I came in here I was handed another fax showing even more UFOs are positioning themselves over other states. That’s a total of 55 UFOs just over the US alone and another 50-80 elsewhere over the Earth. What should I say?” I just stood there. What should be said? I just don’t know. If the truth is told it would cause panic and that is more then we can deal with right now. Then it came to me. I looked him right in the eyes and said, “With all due respect Mr. President, you nor any President before you over the last 30 years have cared what the public feels or thinks. Don’t tell them a damn thing and if the media keeps causing panic do what the government is good at doing, kill them.”


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